"This can’t be right!’ - Rapunzel is taking styling advise from Ariel.

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*Tsubaki picks up Kid and runs away with him.* Mine now!

*Blinks confused* ……what?

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your bf wasnt online to make yyou laugh, dont lie. pfft

//uhh maybe we weren’t talking through tumblr?? 

There are other ways to communicate with people, you know. 

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No matter how cranky I am, my boyfriend always finds the way to make me laugh. 

And that’s one of the reasons why I love him so fucking much <3 

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"Ugh, maybe that spinning class wasn’t such a good idea… Everything hurts!"


"Elizabeth?" Azusa’s blue orbs stared at the figure upon the ground as she groaned in pain. "Are you dying?"

Oh blunt Azusa.

"Almost…" she mumbled, face pressed up against the floor as she tried not to move, every inch of her body hurting. "Azusa help meee!" the pistol whined, moving her head to look up at the other one. 

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"Ugh, maybe that spinning class wasn’t such a good idea… Everything hurts!"


"And crying about it loudly is supposed to help make it feel better?"


"You know, if you’re just gonna criticize then say nothing at all… It really does hurt!" she pouted.

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"Ugh, maybe that spinning class wasn’t such a good idea… Everything hurts!"


returning to a drawing after hours/days of not touching the canvas


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She balled her hands into tight fists, her jaw clenched as anger began to consume her. Who was him to come here and scold her?? How dare he! “You can’t ask someone to change the way the are just like that!” she shouted. “You can’t tell someone who has suffered as much as I and Patty have to stop hurting so much, because you don’t know how it is! You have no idea all that we’ve been through or why we act the way we do! It wasn’t an easy childhood for me and my sister, and living in the conditions we lived in you either toughen up, or get eaten by the wolves.”

Liz was fuming.She had stepped closer to him as she spoke, her eyes throwing daggers at him and her face growing redder like it did every time she got angry. “I’m so sorry that we come from totally different worlds, and that people here isn’t used to the type of life style we had to deal with for our whole life!” her voice cracked and her vision began to get blurry as her eyes filled with tears. She frowned, looking away as she quickly and furiously wiped the tears before they had any chance of falling down her cheeks. The pistol hated crying in front of others. It made her feel weak. 

She kept looking away, her head shaking. “You just don’t get it…” Liz whispered before turning around and storming off to her room where she at least could cry in private. 

He watched stiffly as she retreated in a huff. His mind was racing, searching desperately for a way to resolve the train wreck of a conversation—if you could even call it that—that had just occurred. Everything had happened so quickly…

Deciding it better to act before any real damage had time to erode their already-barely existent relationship, Kid tailed the weapon up the stairs and down the hall toward her room. “…Liz!” he called after her, persisting despite uncertainty. “Liz, please come back here. I’m sorry, alright? I’m sorry…!” His tone softened once he reached her door, not particularly concerned whether or not she decided to open it. As long as she heard what he had to say…

"You’re right. It was stupid of me to make assumptions. I honestly have no idea what either of you have been through. I just want to help. Please…let me start over?"

Liz heard him calling out for her, but she just ignored him, rushing up to her room and slamming the door shut behind her. The pistol simply stood there in the middle of her room as she listened to him, her hands balled into tight fists still, jaw clenched as she tried hard not to cry. She kept wiping away the tears furiously, debating if she should listen to him or not. A part of her really wanted to just make peaces with him and try to have a nice relationship with Kid, but the other one kept telling her no. 

It was stupid to keep fighting over nothing, and Kid was right, she should at least try for Patty’s sake. “Ugh….” She hated that he was right. But hey, at least the reaper was apologizing. With a deep breath, Liz finally managed to calm down enough to stop the tears. She turned around and slowly made her way to the door, swinging it open and looking down at him. “I… accept your apology…” she mumbled, looking away with a small scowl, hating having to swallow her pride like that. “I…I’m sorry too. For being such a bitch to you.” 

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Send ” >3< ” for my muses reaction to yours kissing them in a moment of great excitement.



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